If both agreements are supported and the Fair Work Board approves the change, the change will come into effect on a date to be determined by the Fair Work Board. Until then, the provisions of the existing contract apply. The survey was available to all employees covered by UOW`s two corporate agreements and was open from Wednesday, June 10 to Friday, June 12 at midnight. If you have any questions about the content of the contract amendment, please send an email to employment-relations@uow.edu.au. “COVID-19 has brought lasting and far-reaching changes to our world, our economy and higher education around the world. No university is immune to the global recession we are currently in, and doing nothing is not an option. Local representatives of the university`s Joint Advisory Committee (JCC) were able to agree on changes to corporate agreements that will help UOW return to a sustainable financial position. Salaries for full-time equivalents under UOW`s Academic and Professional Enterprise Agreements range from $49,977 to $182,845 per year and are between 17% and 56% higher than those specified in the applicable modern scholarship. The planned salary increases will add an additional $25 million to the university`s employment costs over this period. The survey, which asked employees to indicate their preferences among three available options to achieve the employment-related savings needed to put UOW back into a sustainable financial position, showed that a majority of participants would like to maintain all the current terms and conditions of employment under the university`s two corporate agreements.

Before initiating these changes, the Vice-Chancellor will ask the University`s Joint Advisory Committee (JCC) – a permanent forum for consultation with the employee representatives` unions, the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) and the National Union of Higher Education (NTEU) – to consider this possibility of saving jobs by supporting the modification of the company agreement proposed to employees as option 1. If professional services staff vote to accept the proposed amendment and academic staff vote to accept the proposed amendment, both documents will be submitted to the Fair Work Board for approval. If an agreement is not supported, the university will not provide any of them with information for approval. Note: Academic staff, apprentices and apprentices, as well as employees with individual employment contracts are not entitled to vote on the amendment to the Professional Services Agreement. Two of the three options proposed to achieve these savings included different company agreements by reducing wages on a sliding scale based on wage levels between 5% and 10% for 18 months or between 7.5% and 15% for 12 months, allowing employees to reduce working time in proportion to their wage reduction. The third option did not include any changes to the current terms and conditions of employment. “In order to take all possible measures to minimize job losses, I have asked the management team to provide the Joint Advisory Committee with the full draft amendment to the company agreements for Option 1 in order to quickly consider whether our local staff representatives will agree to support this option. The management of the University of Wollongong (UOW) is asking union representatives to support an amendment to the company agreement to minimise job losses when the results of the latest employee survey are published. The Australian Election Company (an independent provider of electoral services) has been mandated to conduct the next staff vote in favour of changing the agreement using online voting. The survey followed a detailed briefing by all employees on the university`s financial situation on Thursday, June 4, the provision of additional explanatory information via the staff intranet, and a consultation period with employees and unions.