In addition to the questions, if Oracle Supplier Qualification Management is implemented, you can add skill areas when trading. Qualification areas are collections of related issues that are used to qualify a particular aspect of suppliers. If you add pre-defined qualifying domains, the names of the qualifying domains are copied as section names. All questions in the qualification areas are also copied as requirements in the requirements sections. If necessary, you can change the evaluation information. Minimum amount that the category manager wishes to release for this general agreement position. You can use quantity-based price levels when negotiating with any outcome. They work in the same way as price breaks in sales contracts. You enter your own price levels in empty lines or change the price levels set by the category manager.

A strategic contracting initiative can include several phases ranging from expenditure analysis to contracting to contract execution. Many organizations manage these phases as a project with many members of the project team, tasks and achievements. Project management is often required to coordinate and implement procurement initiatives, including task management, resource allocation and real savings reporting. Managing sourcing initiatives often requires coordination among different stakeholders, including category managers, project managers and suppliers. The type of price rungs you have depends on the outcome of the negotiations. If the result is a standard command, you can only use quantity-based price levels. If the result is a framework purchase contract, you can use either price reductions or quantity-based price levels. If you don`t select one, you can`t create price status information.

As part of the cooperation team, assess the contractual terms and conditions in red. For all general changes applicable to the entire supplier base, drilldown to the basic contract of the negotiation and update the terms of the contract. You can start an online discussion with suppliers to continue negotiating the terms of the contract.