If the card is signed, the merchant should not ask for an id. If the card is not signed, the merchant must require that the card be signed and that the customer provide a government card. There is no rule that regulates the fee requirement — American Express simply wants the merchant to verify that the customer is the cardholder. Unfortunately, trying to force an employee to comply with the merchants` credit card agreement at the time of purchase is a lost battle. There are several stories about employees who refused credit cards because the customer would not show an ID. Branch managers generally secure their employees. If you refuse to show your ID card, make sure the back of your credit card is signed. Merchants can request an ID, but cannot require as a condition of purchase if the credit card is signed. However, if the credit card is not signed, the merchant may ask you to present a government-issued ID and sign your credit card on the spot or present another signed card. Click on any answer to move to the corresponding section 1. Can a merchant set a minimum purchase amount for credit card transactions? A merchant can set a minimum purchase amount for the use of a credit card, provided it is less than $10. 2. Can a merchant charge more (or add a fee) for using a credit card? In 40 countries, a merchant can actually collect a surcharge or fee if you want to pay by credit card.

3. Can a merchant ask to see my ID card? / I wrote `See the ID` on my card, so I`m protected from fraud… right? Normally, a merchant can check your ID if they want to, but writing “see the ID” on your card is of no use to you. 4. Sometimes I have to sign for the races and sometimes I don`t. What`s the deal? In most cases, you only need to sign up for purchases over $50. 5. Do I still need to sign up for purchases after next year`s big upgrade? What will be the change next year? The chip and pin cards are coming, but you still have to sign a little. 6. Can a trader spend a “keep” on my card for more than me, or for what they think I`ll spend? It is considered that a hotel can meet its card, but a restaurant can only authorize the actual bill before the tip card. 7.

Can a trader trick me into not making a retro-booking if something goes wrong? You have the legal right to challenge transactions if something goes wrong, and no trader can induce you to abandon it. 8. Everyone says I should never use my debit card because credit cards have fraud protection and not debit cards. It`s true? Both credit and debit cards provide legal protection for liability for fraud, but time is of the essence. Quickly report lost cards. 9. Doesn`t my credit card give me extended guarantees and other benefits? Your credit card probably offers extended warranties and other cool benefits, but you need to read a few small print to find them. 10. How do I report a trader who doesn`t follow the rules? It is surprisingly easy to report a trader who refuses to follow the rules. On January 1, 2018, a new Texas law came into effect, allowing a merchant to request government-issued photo ID to verify the identity of a credit or debit card user – and to refuse the transaction if the buyer refuses to present it.

The new law is not mandatory. The law does not require a merchant to request a photo ID, nor does it require the merchant to refuse the transaction if the photo ID is not created. It simply gives the merchant the right to request photo ID and avoid the customer without identification. Visa has strict rules for currency conversion if you use your Visa card outside the country where it was issued. You must have the option of having the booking processed in local currency.