This addition to the Framework Agreement (“Addendum”) will apply on August 27, 2019 and will set out the terms of the agreements entered into by the parties regarding the OviTex LPR Low Profile Robotic Product (“LPR Product”). That framework agreement (hereinafter referred to as `the framework agreement` or `framework agreement`) is intended for the joint research and development of robotics and spacecraft technologies, including the demonstration of algorithms, concepts and prototypes integrated into autonomous systems and robotics. The Agreement establishes a framework for the development of cooperation activities between the Parties. This Annex is intended for NASA JSC/WSTF for the preparation of installations, inspections and functional tests of up to five (5) R40b engines. Inspections and tests are carried out before and after hot fire tests (hot fire tests to be carried out under a separate agreement). Upon completion of the post-fire inspection and functional testing, up to five (5) R40b engines will be delivered to Boeing. This Annex is intended to perform standard tests and evaluations of materials and components in accordance with nasa-STD-6001 flammability, gassing and compatibility requirements and test methods. Under this agreement, approximately 150 requests for standard testing will be made. WSTF`s standard testing and oxygen analysis team has been evaluating the materials needed for spacecraft safety for more than 30 years and offers specialized interpretation and unique data experience, custom-made special equipment required for testing, and data acceptance qualification. These testing services are not commercially available in the United States and WSTF is fully qualified to perform such services. The test shall be conducted in accordance with the test plan of B/E Aerospace, .b.a. Collins Aerospace is a unit of United Technologies Corporation (“Collins”).

This addition to the second modified and adapted license, product development and delivery roof agreement (this “Addition”) will be established as of February 15, 2020 by TELA Bio, Inc. .