Let everyone understand the consequences of action or inaction. When a formal agreement sets out specific and measurable expectations, it does not leave much room for arguments. If the person does not respect the agreement, you have a process in place that you can follow. Goals and wishes – Here, the employee lists his goals and wishes for a set period, for example. B 6 months. This shows why it is important for workers and employers to cooperate in the development of a performance agreement. However, the goals that the employee must set should be SMART, which is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. These are just some of the many benefits you can get by using performance agreements: try to develop new ideas and innovations to improve my marketing skills. Create a team-based environment for the good of the commercial service. It is not enough to tell Bill what they expect from him and then put the responsibility for transit on his shoulders. Performance management has more team approach – the person who passes the work must feel supported and encouraged during the process, just as they must feel personally responsible for the outcome. Doing a performance interview and giving feedback is just the beginning – the “Frontend” tasks of performance management. However, the middle and rear ends of this process are equally critical.

Improving your employees` skills can bring real business benefits. It can increase productivity, motivation and quality of work and increase profits and customer satisfaction. We have a number of free presentation hours for benefit management and employee training that employers and HR professionals can use for their business. Job Performance Expectations – This section outlines an officer`s goals or expectations of the employee because of their individual responsibilities. The goal may be to achieve a certain profit goal or a certain percentage of turnover. Here, too, the company should have realistic expectations of its employees. When setting performance expectations, the overall goal is to reach an agreement that supports your organization`s strategy. For individual performance goals, the goal is a real and measurable improvement, so that the person is able to move the business forward. If you are not sure where to start setting performance targets, download our contract presentation models for different positions within the company: I accept the performance expectations of this agreement and I agree to provide results, complete tasks and meet the requirements outlined in the agreement.