When you meet in a public place, you will find a way to separate or remove your group from others. Ideally, be outside of everyone`s auditory zone. Clear goal To develop a healthy and spiritual life by building a healthy small group community. Limit our freedom by not serving or drinking alcohol at meetings or events in small groups to prevent a weaker brother or sister from stumbling (1 Corinthians 8:1–13; Romans 14:19-21) Be confidential To keep everything shared strictly confidential and within the group Follow these five tips to create a safe environment of privacy that creates trust among the members of your group. Finally, you need to check if they agree on all points of the whole group. I understand that every woman in this group is at another time on her way with the Lord. I will accept each member of the group as you are, but I will encourage each member to progress to be like Jesus. Question: What other tips do you have to reinforce the need for privacy within the group? I will have finished my work when I join the group. I will choose to attend each weekly meeting, even if I am too short. I will try to be present and punctual. This will be a high priority in my schedule. Regularly mention to your group members the importance of confidentiality.

Not only does it remind them, but it also lets them know that you are always aware of the need to provide them with a safe environment. There are many ways to establish group agreements. When making the decision you want to use, you need to consider whether the group will collaborate in the longer term, how controversial the topic of the meeting or workshop is, how much time you have, and how much trust the group has in you as a moderator. Below are eight proposed values to include in a group association. Adapt it to the needs of your group. As a leader, refuse to talk about conversations that take place within the group outside the group. Each time a new participant participates in your meetings, he or she must agree to abide by the group agreement before participating in group discussions. Be the first to be vulnerable in your group. If you`re willing to take the risk, others will likely follow your lead. I promise to pray regularly for other members of my group and raise them up to the Lord. How can you set up a secure environment that contains privacy? Consider following these five tips: I will confirm the group members, no matter what some have said or done in the past. I will now love you and pray that God will continue to transform everyone into the image of His Son.

Build relationships To meet other group members and pray regularly for them. By using a group agreement, members mutually commit to what is said within the group remains within the group. Each participant in a small group should commit to a group agreement. Part of this Agreement should emphasise the importance of confidentiality within the Group. Keep the agreement for future meetings or workshops with the same group, but record each time to make sure everyone is always happy with it.