If your appointment is cancelled for any reason, we recommend that you create a new request on www.amazon.in/KYC. 1. Choose your type of id (identity card, passport, residence permit, driver`s license) Choose below your reason and click the report button. This warns our moderators to take action. The investment fund industry appointed CDSL Ventures Limited and authorized the implementation of the “Know Your Customer” procedure. You can complete the process either offline or online. We`ve provided you with a simple process to digitally download KYC documents to your Amazon app itself. We do not accept physical copies of your documents. However, you must present the originals of these documents for home screening. Click on the video that represents your type of business to see a passage from the KYC procedure. NOTE: If you use an invoice for your proof of residence, make sure that a “billing date” is present on the document (the due date is not enough). If you have completed your KYC and are looking for the next steps to get rupee payments on your site, click here to manually perform your KYC process, an investor must go to a KRA for the papers or mail the documents, which can be tedious and take at least seven business days. However, you can close your KYC online with ClearTax Invest, which only takes two minutes.

The entire investment process can be completed in seven minutes. The company will not use the information you provide for other purposes. In short, KYC should precede your investment in investment funds and is an essential criterion. Do this once as a first user, and you will be kyc-compatible for all your future investment fund transactions. Check the data entered to make sure it is correct and click the “NEXT” button to submit your application. Mutual funds are one of the few ways to increase your assets faster. As a carefully monitored investment program, KYC is the first step towards investing investment funds. However, you may already be in compliance with the KYC. It`s now easy to check your KYC status online. You can go to the official CDSL Ventures Limited website and enter your NAP to check whether or not you are a KYC compliant. Enter your email address and select your country of residence. Click the “NEXT” button to continue.

Visit this link to login member portal with your email address and password, or sign up if you haven`t aleded.