To be eligible for various economic development programs, the Tamil Nadu government may ask for your documents containing proof of residence, a community certificate with a reference number, details such as the family`s annual income, family card, ration card, GST number and project report, as well as Patta/Chitta (for land purchase and development). Therefore, keep them close at hand. You can change the name on the Patta, but it can`t be done online. You must visit the village administration office and request changes to the Patta transfer form. Other documents required for this purpose are the deed of sale, tax revenues, electricity bill and debit certificate. Send the signed form with these documents. It can take up to 30 days for the changes to be considered and a new Patta is issued. Read also: Find out the difference between the lease and the Patta license agreement is an agreement given by the government to the person who buys the land. Qabuliyat is another form of agreement or written document in which the landowner declares to give his land to the rental. These Patta and Qabuliyat were first introduced during the Sher Shah Suri period. It looked like a perfect system in the land villages between people. Under the Patta system, seedlings, crop types and the share of turnover were correctly written on paper. The Qabuliyat system included an agreement between the peasant and the government.

Qabuliyat deterrence system of the Jagir system. Shershah had also built the Pro Bigha Land (Rai) for land under continuous cultivation (Polaj) and land temporarily excluded from cultivation (Parauti). Rai was on average three rates representing good average and low returns. This rai system was then taken over by Akbar. In 2018, the Tamil Nadus registration service came up with the idea of removing paper pattas and introducing mandatory registration for the Geographic Information System (GIS) where the country would be marked by geocoordinates. The configuration has been added in an updated version of the simplified and transparent recording management (STAR 2.0). In addition to significantly reducing red tape, she addressed the problem of falsified pattas. In Tamil Nadu, the fake Patta Chitta Adangals were a problem, and recurring cases arise.

The authorities are taking steps to prevent the use of fake pattas. An aggrieved person may apply to the appropriate court for a declaration under Section 34 of the Specific Relief Act, 1963. Step 4: When you submit, you will receive online a certificate from the Country Registrar surveying the city with details about your property. This certificate contains all the information about the place, the type of land, the survey number, etc. The survey shows that Indian buyers are not satisfied with the current quality of the project. THE SC decision clarifies the expiry of the land acquisition process. You must request Patta`s transfer. The application must be submitted to the relevant office. Carry photocopies and original documents of the deed of sale, tax revenues, electricity bill and debit certificate if you request the transfer of Patta Chitta.