Booking contract for employees Technical domains Content reservation contract for employees… 3, Section 1, Scope of the agreement and duration of validity… 12 higher. Unless otherwise stated, all other conditions of the artist`s commitment are in accordance with the agreement. If the artist is required to provide services for one day or another of the recording, subject to the artist`s availability, the artist must be rehired for each day and for another day, in accordance with the point (T6)1). If the artist`s performance is included in more than one episode, segment or production segment, the multi-episodic provisions referred to in paragraph (T9) below apply. The Commitment Commission acquires non-thearisic rights worldwide (see clause (T23)14) and the first uk Network Transmission. 5. Opening/Closing sequences (a) the artist is not required to provide services for the recording of announcements or scenes for the opening and/or closure of a television production or segment or a library production or recording suite, for recording in more than one production or episode; Segment or slice of a production, in addition to the artist`s commitment fee and, if applicable, daily payments, the artist receives at the end of the commitment 100% of his total salary which gives the producer the right to integrate the performance of the artist in no more than 13 episodes, segments or slices of the same production. For each other 13 episodes, segments or rates of the same production, the artist receives in addition 100% of his total salary according to point a).

For additional usage payments, see APPENDIX TA. b) If an artist`s performance, recorded in advance, is repeated in an opening/closing sequence, the artist must be re-inscribed in the contracts in accordance with this clause, unless the artist has received payments for all episodes, segments or slices in which his opening or closing presentation is recorded. (c) payments made under this clause are charged on the artist`s overall result on which the additional uses are calculated, including, if applicable, the pre-purchase pre-deposit with additional use. 12 Artist Form of Engagement for Films (only non-commercial applications) with effect as of April 6, 2018 from April 5, 2019.pdfArtist Form of Engagement for Student Films from April 6, 2018 to April 5, 2019.pdfSpoken Voice Recordings for Non-Educational Broadcast Use.pdf Bectu has been working on a series of collective agreements covering film, television and theatre workers. We also encourage agreements that guarantee good practice, such as the APA, and implement a number of professional rating systems that are found below: unlike previous agreements, a rate increase is now introduced, which means that there will be an automatic annual increase until the next renegotiation.