Our application form ensures that the new company is under the full control of the effective owner (UBO) and not the designated manager and that the owner assumes full legal responsibility for the new business. A company or corporation may also be a candidate, but it is not a natural person — it cannot think and act by a person as if they were capable of doing so, nor with skills and experience. Our legislation recognizes this fact and requires at least one human being to be a director. This person has no restriction ending on age, gender, original or disability of knowledge, nor nationality or country of birth. Most reputable international clients need more than one name, which is why we only offer guaranteed, highly acceptable and professional AAA nominees, with complete KYC approval and global acceptance. The Nominee Director Service is used to ensure the highest level of confidentiality and confidentiality, since the director`s name appears in company documents, in each enterprise contract and finally in the court`s business register. Another advantage of using a nominated service is to firmly place the issue of “management and control” outside of great fiscal sovereignty. After the appointment of a designated director, a nominal service contract is signed between the client and the Nominee. It assures the client that the candidate can only act or sign documents at the client`s request and with the client`s prior consent. Professional appointments act as an alternative to the names of a company position holder. A candidate may be a company or a natural person to be appointed directors and the shareholders of Gerli-Company to work with the highest level of integrity and confidentiality, offering a quality service. A candidate may be a director or a shareholder, in which case he may be presented as the owner of an asset, for example the property.

B shares or real estate, as an alternative use for the actual owner. A designated director or shareholder may play an active or passive role, in most cases the most important role is that of a liability, most of the nominees being primarily figurative and playing no active role in the business.