Any dispute over the interpretation or application of this agreement or any endorsement that is not resolved by negotiations or any other type of settlement agreed by the parties is referred to a three-arbitrator court for final decision. One arbitrator is appointed by the Executive Director and another by the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs. These two arbitrators appoint a third arbitrator. The Agency`s headquarters includes the premises he now occupies or that he may occupy in the future for the purposes of his work, with the exception of the accommodation used for his staff. To the extent that this is in line with the provisions of the international conventions, rules and agreements to which it is a party, the Government of the Republic of France, in view of the special nature of the Agency`s objectives with regard to the control of animal diseases, provides the Office with its official communications by mail, telephone, telegraph, radio and radiography. , treatment as favourable as its treatment of diplomatic missions in terms of priority, taxes and taxes. Insurance contracts signed by the Agency as part of its official activities are exempt from the special tax on insurance contracts. The office`s headquarters is untouchable. Agents of the Republic of France are not allowed to enter to perform their official duties, unless it is a consent or a person mandated by it. to a special social security scheme under conditions to be defined by mutual agreement between the Office and the relevant French authorities. DE DÉSIRS TO reach an agreement that respects the establishment of the Commission`s secretariat in Canada; and Agency officials covered by Appendix B of this agreement are entitled: privileges and immunities are granted to the Executive Director and directors for themselves and for their family members who are part of their homes, comparable to those enjoyed by diplomatic representatives and their family members belonging to their homes in Canada. The menu is not available if Javascript is disabled. a special residence permit issued by the competent French authorities for herself, her spouses and minor children; obtain and hold money and money in all forms and keep accounts in every currency and in each country; The provisions of paragraphs 1 and 2, (a) and (d) of this article also apply to delegates and experts from Member States throughout their stay in France, as is necessary because of their participation in the work of the Office.

Products in the category of products covered in Point 1 are also exempt from a ban or restriction on their importation and export. Clergy, i.e. those responsible for administrative or technical work of the Agency; Claude Chayet, Minister of Plenipotentiary, Director of Administrative Arrangements and Consular Affairs. IN THE OBJECTIVE to set, in particular, the status, privileges and immunities of the Commission and persons related to it; Victor LichtingerFOR THE COMMISSION FOR ENVIRONMENTAL COOPERATION Schedules A and B are an integral part of this agreement.