Both parties under this agreement receive confidential information about the other and the use of such information is limited by this clause. A prefabricated and informative license agreement, specifically designed for manufacturing and distribution. This agreement on the presentation of a legal document is for a company that manufactures a product and wishes to increase its revenue by granting a company from another country the license to manufacture and sell these products in that country. The licensing company, the licensor, shall provide the know-how that the licensee needs and shall provide technical support. The licensee pays the licensor a percentage of all products sold by the licensee. Payment to the licensor consists of royalties for all goods manufactured and sold. The licensor has the right to access the licensee`s accounting records. All of our paid licenses allow you to sublicense one of your customers to use a document created with Docular. For more information on licensing rules for the use of docular templates, instances, and exports, see our terms and conditions of sale. There is always a risk that either party will commit a material breach of contract or go bankrupt, and this clause deals with the situation.

It also covers the possibility of a force majeure event and allows termination if that force majeure event lasts for a certain period of time – in our case 90 days, but this period can be extended. It is not always easy to distinguish a “substantial” offence from one that is not essential and, if necessary, the reference to a “substantial or persistent” offence may be omitted in clause 11.1.1. This is probably the law of the licensor`s country, but it could be the law of a neutral country – or perhaps, but less likely, the law of the licensee`s country. In clause 7.5, the licensee is free to set its own prices for the goods, but this would not necessarily be applicable – the costs of production vary from country to country, but some uniformity of prices may be desirable. An exclusive license grants the licensee an exclusive license, but the licensor reserves the right to use the intellectual property. .